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You give up quickly any thought of the difficulty of climbing Augusta's hills to the awareness of Bobby Jones' vision 80 odd years ago when he first stumbled on the available nursery that this place had been.

I can feel him standing near where I now am and his somehow instinctive awareness that he was destined to make this someplace special.

It's a business now, for profit;
some would say it is spoiled for that. I can't see it that way.
All that they do romances their money machine, and I glory in the fact they are doing that, not for, but to, our benefit. Sell anything you want Mr Gates, Mr Welch, mister whoever….

The wonder of greatness resides here in Georgia under these pines and oaks and magnolias. Bobby Jones was businessman enough to be proud of what you've done for this cathedral of golf, this parthenon of par. I am privileged to be here and will romance myself to sleep many nights with visions of this place.

This is Augusta.
This is Bobby Jones' House.
You can feel it in the air.

Copyright 2016  
Robert Bruce Weston
all rights reserved.

Wood veneer over stable
MDF substrate.

38"h  x  24"w


An Homage to Augusta National

This piece was a labor of love and as such, it will never be sold.

After many years of applying to the Masters Golf Tournament's ticket lottery this year I was rewarded with 2 tickets for the Thursday playing day at The Masters.

I went with my friend and golfing partnerTom.

(Hats off to Suzanne Deitrich, my wife and art partner for knowing this trip was special and volunteering to give up her ticket so that Tom could go with me.)

On returning home I sat down and wrote a "soliloquy" of my thoughts.

I have included an excerpt from that piece at the very bottom of this page.​

The necessaries follow:

The main field of this piece is a single piece of Mottled Sapele.

The matte surround is Zebrano inlaid with a band of Satinwood.

Robert Tyre Jones' profile silhouette is a continuous cutout of Birdseye Maple.

The hole call out discs are also Birdseye Maple.

Each disc represents one of the holes at Augusta where each hole is named for flora.

The flora were created by pyrograhping outlines and dyeing the spaces with both ink and oil pastels.

The title "AUGUSTA" was cut out and surface applied from three layers of veneer

Black dyed Harewood, Sapele and Cerejeira Crotch (topmost).

Not For Sale