Art Gallery

"Big Sky DE Farm"

Cedar Creek Rd, Milton.

"Dawn off Broadkill Road"

Broadkill Road in Milton

Images of

Sussex County, Delaware

from photos I have taken.

‚ÄčAll are 17"h  x  28"w

"Prime Hook Ice"

Prime Hook Wildlife Preserve,


"Winter's Breath"

Rehoboth Beach

"Night view from Paradise Grill"

Long Neck, DE

"North of Broadkill"

Broadkill Beach, Milton.

"The Point"

Cape Henlopen State Park,

Lewes, DE

"Safe Harbor" (Sold)

View from The Point in

Cape Henlopen State Park

Lewes, DE.

"Ground Fog Sunrise"

Cedar Creek Rd, Milton.

"House Martin Hotel"

Henlopen Acres near the Marina.

"Watchtowers from Lewes"

Toward Gordon's Pond

from the Freeman Highway Bridge

Lewes, DE.

"Composing Geese"

Broadkill Beach, Milton